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BITFINEX User Reviews 2020

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  • 5
    Mind blowing
    I have used tons of exchanges and finally decided to try Bitfinex after a friend recommended it to me. I must say my decision to shift to Bitfinex was a very good one. I am in love with the exchange. They have so many advanced features for placing and selling orders, I use fill or kill the most. They keep on adding so many features. I have never contacted the support but I have heard they are good(Hopefully). I have been using the order features to do advanced techniques. The only thing I don't like is it requires way too much time to learn the UI.
  • 5
    The pinnacle of exchanges!
    There's a reason why Bitfinex is the #1 exchange in the market. What other exchange can offer high liquidity and volume, an advanced platform with order types, leveraged margin trading, a huge array of tokens/pairs, FIAT support, and a professional and fast Customer Support team, all in one package? None that i know of. Been trading with them for over a year and a half and i've had no complaints so far. Keep up the good work guys!
  • 5
    Truly professional exchange.
    Bitfinex offers everything a professional trader needs: High volume and liquidity, a wide array of tokens/pairs to trade with, an advanced UI with multiple advanced order types, leveraged margin trading, a fully functional API, and one of the most professional support teams on the market. All of this cements Bitfinex as the top exchange on the market.
  • 5
    Best Exchange
    Bitfinex is soon going to offer its customers AION Token Swap Support which is a great plus to the company as it will make Users of the block-chain able to swap their ERC20 tokens to the mainnet tokens during the migration process.Kudos to team Bitfinex.
  • 5
    They have a huge potential as an exchange
    I have been trading crypto in Bitfinex for the past years and Im really happy with my trading results! They have a huge potential as an exchange, Im talking about great volume trading, their assets quality, an intuitive App for android and the costumer support is just excellent, they are fast and the most important thing they really care about us.
  • 5
    BitfiBitfinex is the best
    I was very impressed with the speed of the costumer support when I had a small issue and they solve my problem in 2hours, they were very kind to me. In my opinion Bitfinex is the best exchange, my favorite platform so far, very simple and intuitive. They have a great amount of assets and that gives me the confidence to keep trading my money on their platform.
  • 5
    Best Exchange
    I have had the best support experience ever, I had this issue where my order was not placed due to a technical glitch. The support within 15 minutes rectified the issue and took all logs and explained to me in detail that it was my network which went out at that exact second causing the issue. They were so professional and polite, apologized as even it was my issue. I am surprised to see such great support team. I have been trading on Bitfinex for about 8 months now, expect some issues the stay has been excellent. They have very advance order types which are useful for my techniques. There charts are even better than you can imagine, you must use the UI to feel the greatness.
  • 5
    The best crypto exchange!
    Bitfinex has everything an exchange could ask for. Very high volume and liquidity, a big variety of tokens, quite alot of pairs to trade said tokens with (Which due to the high liquidity means you can trade almost ANYTHING VS ANYTHING), a very stable and advanced platform and API (Albeit, due to APPLE'S restraints, the API for Iphone is quite limited), and some of the most professional support agents i've dealt with in over 3 years of trading. Only slight downside is that the 10k USD required deposit might scare off some traders.
  • 5
    Amazing Exchange
    The only problem with bitfinex is that the UI is so complex for new users they must work very hard to learn about the UI and the features but once they do that's pretty much it. There are so many complex order types which enable us to use very sophisticated techniques, they have recently launched the Honey Framework, which literally enables us to create our own order types. This is just so unique which is only found on Bitfinex. I have been loving the addition of features to the charts and UI. Bitfinex has the best UI. With their excellent API Bitfinex makes the best exchange.
  • 5
    The best exchange arround
    Being a client for Bitfinex for over 2 years, i can say that i'm very satisfied. The very little problems i had were resolved by their professional CS team, and the platform is so advanced and allows for so many types of orders (Not to mention the sheer volume, liquidity and ammount of pairs available). They have improved so much on these years, that i can safely say: Ignore the FUD and put your faith on an Exchange that truly cares for it's customers.
  • 5
    An excellent exchange
    Bitfinex is an excellent exchange to use for BTC and ETH pairs, they have lots of coins to trade, high quality assets and the margin trading is great! The platform is very user friendly and I just love how fast the support team is, they are always very kind.
  • 5
    Bitfinex security
    In my opinion bitfinex until today is one of the best exchanges that walks around because of everything it gives, but the thing that draws me closer attention is the security they give to their customers, because it is true that they in 2016 they were hacked but they learned after that and the security they give compared to 2 years ago has increased triple! I can not trust another exchange as I trust bitfinex!
  • 5
    Outstanding Margin Market
    Outstanding Margin Market.
  • 5
    Outstanding Margin Market
    High performance, highly recommend it.
  • 5
    Sophisticated Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
    Bitfinex delivers a high-quality, professional trading experience designed for serious traders.

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