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Rashid Ajurnati
Not really a market leader, but a good broker for sure.

AAFX is an interesting company. They've got everything one needs for trading. There's an M4 platform - just a standard one, nothing special but 95% of all brokers have one so it's kind of basics. Then there's a mobile app, accounts with fixed and variable spreads, ECN and cryptocurrency. What's more, AAFX officially permits the use of advisors and bots in trade, as well as scalp trading. That's already quite an advantage. So why hasn't AAFX conquered the market by now? Why isn't it a world-wide known company? As usual, that's all about the little things. The problem is, the company still doesn't have offices in the world capitals, like New York, Singapore, London etc. They don't push their adverising via whichever channel - Internet, TV, firewall, at the very least... They might be doing something of the kind, but I'd never heard of them until I seriously focused on broker search. Back then, I reviewed more than 100 companies! AAFX Trading provides the most basic things needed for trade, and just a little bit more. Practically that's all. The broker doesn't offer any competitions or tournaments with prizes in real cash, as well as no PAMM-accounts, deal copying or any other investment services. In the long run, AAFX appears to be the choice of experienced traders who don't fall for all that promotional glitz and are perfectly okay with lack of offices and registration in St. Vincent (almost all brokers get registered there anyway). The company offers good trading conditions, and that will do for a real pro. However, if AAFX is aiming to become a market leader, there is still much work to be done.